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Neer Dosa or Panpole or Rice Pancakes using Rice Flour ( instant Neer Dosa)



1 Cup Rice Flour

2 Tbsp Scraped Coconut

2 Tbsp Cooked Rice (left over will do)

½ tsp Salt


Oil for greasing the pan

Half Onion and fork for dipping in oil and greasing pan. (Prick onion with fork)

Flat pan


Grind the rice flour, coconut, cooked rice, salt, water to form a smooth paste. Transfer to big bowl and add enough water to make a watery batter (thinner than Milk).

Heat pan. Grease the pan using the onion. Pour a ladle of batter and turn the pan round, so that the batter covers the whole pan. The pan should not be too hot (medium). Close the pan and after about a minute, check whether it is fried. The sides will fry first and come off the pan. Remove the pancake to a plastic plate or bamboo tray, the fried side up. Prepare the next one. When the first one has cooled down fold it in half and then quarter.

You should get around 10 to 12 pancakes with one cup Rice Flour.