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Appam or Rice Hoppers



500 gms Raw Rice or Basmati Rice

5 Tbsp Cooked Rice (left over will do)

Milk of ½ Coconut or 1 can Coconut Milk (425 ml)

2 tsp Salt (to taste)

2-3 tbsp Sugar (to taste)


1 tsp yeast

Luke warm water – 6 tbsp.

Oil for greasing the pan

2 Eggs

Small piece of cloth and string or an old handkerchief and string.

Appam pan (non-stick will be good) or small wok


Wash and soak the Rice for 4-5 hours or overnight. Drain and grind the rice, cooked rice, little salt, Thick Coconut Milk & water to form a smooth paste (if using blender, do in batches). Transfer to big bowl. Add water and remaining coconut juice. The consistency should be thinner than Dosa Batter but thicker than Pancake batter (Panpole). Add sugar.

Heat 6 tbsp of water in microwave (luke warm) for 15 seconds. In a bowl add 1 tsp active yeast (Edmonds) and ¼ tsp sugar. Add luke warm water and stir. When the mixture starts bubbling begins to rise, add this mixture to the batter. If it does not rise than the yeast is no good or the water was too hot. Use new yeast or use luke warm water (start again). Stir and close the bowl. Keep for fermenting overnight or if ground in morning till evening (when you are ready to fry the appams)

Break an egg and separate the white and yolk. Beat the white of the egg and add to the risen batter. Beat the other egg and the separated yolk from the first egg together. Place the appam pan on stove and add 1 tsp oil. When hot add the egg mixture and scramble the egg. Remove the fried egg to the small cloth. Form it into a small bag and tie with string. To be used for dipping in oil and greasing the pan before frying the Appam.  You can skip this and can only apply little oil. After frying all the appams, the egg bag can be placed in a container and stored in freezer. If you require it again, defrost in microwave oven (20 seconds) or remove from freezer and place outside to defrost naturally.

Heat pan (not very hot, medium ). Grease the pan using the egg bag (dipped in little oil). Pour a ladle of batter and turn the pan round for about ¾ height of pan. The batter will stick and excess will trickle down and settle down at the bottom of pan. Close the pan and after about 2 minutes, check whether it is fried. The sides will fry first and come off the pan, check the middle portion if cooked. Remove the Appam to a plate. Again grease the pan using the egg bag. Prepare the next one. You should get around 25 to 30 Appams with 500 gms of rice.