Xmas Sweets (Kuswar) – Kulkuls or Kidiyo




375 Gms Maida or Standard Flour (do not use self-raising flour)

125 gms Butter or Margarine

Salt to taste (use less if using salted butter), water & sugar (1 tbsp)

Kulkuls mold or fork or clean hair comb.

Oil for deep frying


Mix the maida and butter till the flour looks like bread crumbs. Add salt, water & Sugar and form a dough. Make small balls and then form kulkuls using the mold or fork or clean comb. While making the kulkuls apply a little oil to the mold so the dough does not stick. Ensure that the edges of the Kulkuls are not loose otherwise they will come apart while frying.

Deep fry the Kulkuls till they become light brown. When you drop them in a perforated vessel you should hear a thickish sound (thud).

Sugar Coating (optional)

75 gms sugar

¾ cup water

Heat both in a vessel till it becomes a sticky mixture. When the mixture starts becoming thick add the kulkuls and mix thoroughly. Remove from fire and spread into a tray and allow to cool. Store into airtight containers.

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